Laws of New York State
Reference: New York State Legislature
Last Update: Feb 22, 2015

§2409 - ATV safety course and safety certificate

Cite: N.Y. V.A.T. Law § 2409 (Consol.).

1. Safety course or courses. The commissioner shall establish a curriculum or curricula for an ATV safety training course or courses. Any such curriculum may include, but not be limited to, on-vehicle training and safe riding practices. The commissioner may establish different courses and curricula for different types of all terrain vehicles. The commissioner may permit any such safety training course to be given by any private person, club, association or municipality which meets standards established by the commissioner. The commissioner may establish a reasonable fee which any such person or entity may charge for such course or courses.

2. Safety certificate. Upon successful completion of a safety course given in conformity with subdivision one of this section by a person ten years of age or over, the person or entity which gave the course shall notify the commissioner of such completion in a manner prescribed by the commissioner, The commissioner shall, upon receipt of such information, issue an ATV safety certificate to the person who has successfully completed the course. Such certificate may be limited to the type of vehicle for which the course was given.

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