Laws of New York State
Reference: New York State Legislature
Last Update: Feb 22, 2015

§2408 - Special events

Cite: N.Y. V.A.T. Law § 2408 (Consol.).

1. The commissioner shall adopt and may, from time to time, amend rules and regulations determining the special events which shall be subject to permit and designating the equipment and facilities necessary for safe operation of ATVs and for the safety of operators, participants, and observers in such special events. Copies of such regulations shall be furnished by the commissioner to any person making an application therefor.

2. Whenever a special event is proposed to be held, the person in charge thereof shall, at least thirty days prior thereto, file an application with appropriate governmental agencies having jurisdiction over the site of such event to hold such special event. The application shall set forth the date and location of the proposed special event and such other information as the governmental agencies may require, and such event shall not be conducted without written authorization from such governmental agencies. Governmental agencies shall either grant or deny authorization to hold a special event within thirty days after receipt of an application for authorization. The commissioner shall be furnished with a copy of all such applications. No permit shall be required for a closed-circuit special event held entirely on private property, but appropriate governmental agencies shall be notified of such event at least thirty days prior thereto.

3. ATVs operated at special events shall be exempted from the provisions of this article concerning mufflers, lights and tires during the time of such event, including all pre-race practice at the location of said event.

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