Laws of New York State
Reference: New York State Legislature
Last Update: Feb 22, 2015

§957 - Temporary statewide health advisory board

Cite: N.Y. E.X.C. Law § 957 (Consol.).

1. There is hereby created in the executive department a temporary statewide health advisory board, hereafter referred to in this section as the "board", which shall consist of the commissioner of health, the commissioner of social services, the superintendent of insurance, and the director of the division of the budget, or their designees, plus two additional members appointed by the governor and six additional members with expertise in the delivery of medical care, provision of health and health related services, health care financing, labor issues, health consumer affairs, and/or employer issues who shall be appointed as follows: two members by the temporary president of the senate; two members by the speaker of the assembly; one member by the minority leader of the senate and one member by the minority leader of the assembly. All such appointments shall be made by April first, nineteen hundred ninety-four. The commissioner of health and the superintendent of insurance shall serve as co-chairmen of the board.

2. Vacancies to the board shall be filled in the same manner as the member whose vacancy is being filled was appointed.

3. The members of the board shall receive no compensation for their services as members, but shall be allowed their actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.

4. State agencies shall cooperate with the board in implementation of its functions.

5. The board is hereby authorized and directed to:

(a) review all applications for grants authorized pursuant to section twenty-eight hundred fourteen of the public health law and advise the commissioner of health concerning their appropriateness;

(b) review all proposals submitted by applicants funded pursuant to section twenty-eight hundred fourteen of the public health law to operate a health network containing a reimbursement component, global budget, or a health care demonstration;

(c) make recommendations to the commissioner of health for authorization of such proposals;

(d) make recommendations to the governor and the legislature concerning the waiver, modification or suspension of the requirements of any provisions of law or regulation to effectuate any global budget, or health care demonstration approved pursuant to this chapter and other changes in the health care delivery system; and

(e) make recommendations to the governor and legislature to promote the conversion or retraining of hospital employees to other health care occupations, as may be necessary, as a result of demonstrations proposed in this chapter.

6. Any proposal to operate a health network, global budget, or a health care demonstration not recommended for approval by the board pursuant to this chapter shall not be authorized to operate by the commissioner of health.

* NB Expired June 30, 1996